Feel good on the inside, look good on the outside!

You must have heard of the clichéd phrase, “like mother like daughter”. Absolutely true. I love food and I’ve managed to pass those good genes to my daughter too. Ahem. You see, my husband is a relatively wise eater. He eats small portions, sticks to pretty much to the tried and tested and knows when to call it quits (I mean that for more than just food related battles). I couldn’t resist a pudding gone sour, let alone food that delights my palate! LilM (the short form i lovingly tag my baby with on Instagram) is all but 10.5 months and can take me on for a foodathon. Her current favourites include (This is the part I encourage you to take control of your facial expressions), ground spinach, tofu, beetroot pasta, prunes, sweet potato and topping the charts – pumpkin! I spend a good portion of my time planning her meals and what delights me most is that most of what she is fed is (hopefully) nature at its best. I don’t add salt or other spices just so she is able to get the real flavour. Is your food doing you more harm than good? Is your system thanking you for the nutrients the food offers? Feel good on the inside, look good on the outside. Want some icing on the cake? Ensure your beauty product is all natural. Willing to try a good natural product? A good selection is available at www.earthlifeorganics.com . With such amazing choices, you’ll be hungry for more!

Written by Lovleen Walia

The writer has spent the past 12 years between Mumbai and Singapore, on stage and in front of the camera. She has been the face of many endorsements and TV series. She enjoys being an emcee and writing. She is a part time drama/public speaking educator also pursuing a real life education in motherhood.

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