My Valentine!

3000, 6000 and…… that’s 7500. Oh. Apologies. I was busy counting the calories I’ve put on over the past week. While I don’t celebrate Chinese new year culturally, I help paint the town “red” by buying tonnes of traditional sweets and candy. Pineapple tart lovers, you feel me! Now that that’s over, I’ve sworn to eat healthy over the next month. I’m not being overly ambitious here. One step at a time. It was an amazing celebration with friends and family and when it was all over, i managed to wind down with my all new favourite shower gel – Rose and Vanilla or better known as Milky Way! That’s an insanely perfect combination and it should be on the shelf of every woman i know! Actually, man too. You’d be a hit with the women if you smelt that good! What i like about the product is the after feel it leaves on your skin. You can almost feel the essential oil sitting on your skin, kissing the dryness away. This is officially my valentine for the rest of the year. Enjoy your roses – i will too. Mine’s just in a bottle ; )



Written by Lovleen Walia

The writer has spent the past 12 years between Mumbai and Singapore, on stage and in front of the camera. She has been the face of many endorsements and TV series. She enjoys being an emcee and writing. She is a part time drama/public speaking educator also pursuing a real life education in motherhood.

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