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When we share our brand and products with people, the first question that comes to mind is always, “What do you recommend?”

With up to 7 fragrances to choose from, customers get confused as to which of the scents they would like best. They all smell great and some want most of the fragrances, but with a budget to work with, an elimination process then begins.

A little bit of advice goes a long way they say, so here is ours to make your selection process an easier one:

Aspara Glades – If you love the smell of Apple and/or Aloe Vera, you will like this one. It’s cool on the skin (Aloe Vera essential oil) and very refreshing. Instantly lifts your spirits and energy levels.

Eve’s Garden – A blend of a few essential oils, namely Mangosteen, Jasmine, Rose and others, Eve’s Garden is for those who love fruity smells. Very bright and light fragrance that transforms your bathroom into a heavenly garden! Cheer up with this one!

Green Fields – This scent contains Green Tea essential oil which has many beneficial properties. It is a powerful antioxidant, has anti-aging properties which keep the skin firm and elastic and stimulates cell repair. This is especially great if you have dry skin!

Milky Way – This unique scent is a mix of Rose and Vanilla Essential oils that provides a strong sense of balance and harmony which promotes self-confidence and general well-being. It also has strong antibacterial properties that is great for sensitive skin!

Morning Mocha – If you love the smell of artisanal coffee in the morning, then Morning Mocha is the perfect way to start the day. This fragrance is loaded with Coffee and Chocolate essential oils that will invigorate you and is an excellent source of antioxidants that prevents early signs of aging.

Purple Haze – Packed with Lavender essential Oil, products from this range sooth the skin and hydrate at the same time. This scent is great for relaxing and healing your mind, body and soul!

Sun Daze – Jump-start your senses with a burst of energy, by using this revitalizing fragrance which is a super-blend of Patchouli, Fennel and Lemon essential oils! This will nourish your skin, improve the appearance of dull complexion and is perfect for neutralizing oily skin.


The Earth Life Organics Team

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